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  1. J

    For Sale Home Brew Keg System w/ Two Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs & Gas Distributor 2 x 5gal

    Home Brew Keg System w/ Two Cornelius Ball Lock Kegs & Gas Distributor 2 x 5gal I am selling a brand new keg system for $350 obo. It cost $380 new, but I missed the return window and have to keep it now.. Home Brew Keg System w/ Two Cornelius (Corny) Ball Lock Kegs & Gas Distributor. This kit...
  2. xrobevansx

    New Jersey FOR SALE: Grainfather, 2-tap kegerator and more (package deal)

    Package deal: Grainfather Connect with extra controller and CFC Kenmore Kegerator with 2 taps, single regulator for CO2 tank, 2 head regulator in the kegerator to control both kegs separately. (yes it's dirty and will clean it) 5lb CO2 tank 2 Corny kegs 2 5gallon glass carboys Carboy/bottle...
  3. V

    Ohio 3 Used Pin Lock Kegs $75 for all 3

    Not much to say here - 3 used pin lock kegs for $25 a piece. All still hold pressure and have all new o rings (new from time of original purchase each has held a few brews). Only reason I'm selling is I need narrow footprint for my new kegerator. Includes two sets of QDs too (mfl). Local pickup...
  4. E

    Building a Dual Body Cornelius Regulator

    For years, I've kept multiple regulators and CO2 tanks, at home, to pressurize, and serve Ball Lock and Sanke kegs. They take up a lot of space, and I have recently wondered about combining two regulators and fittings to make "one" regulator to fit all of my needs. Today, I took the high...
  5. A

    New York Glass carboys, FREE corny keg, and 10 lb CO2 tank (all for $80 or parted out)

    For sale, either individual with prices below or all together for $90. I'm located in Manhattan and I can't ship these. 5 gallon glass carboy ($10) 6 gallon glass carboy ($15) 6.5 gallon glass carboy ($15) 6.5 gallon Italian glass carboy ($15) Carboy carriers ($5 together) FREE Challenger VI...
  6. B

    Need help with soda kegerator for wife!

    Hi! I don’t know anything about kegerators but have been researching a lot can someone please help me figure out everything I need for at home Diet Coke kegerator: Actual kegerator Cornelius Keg - would I fill with carbonated water or regular? In hopes of not needing a water line Bag in box...
  7. BarleyBeaver[BANNED]

    Pressure Tested Cornelius Ball Lock Keg 4 Packs

    Need more space to store your homebrew? Buddies not returning your bottles? Why not go for a keg or four? They're only $219.99... These kegs are a bit older, and have seen quite a bit of use in the beverage industry. They've been checked for parts and pressure tested, but...
  8. H

    Corny kegs with loose tops/bottoms. Worth the buy?

    I recently saw a deal on keggle brewing for 4 used corny kegs, some with loose rubber tops or bottoms. Will this affect anything other than carrying them? Do you think it would be worth the buy? It's only 75$ for 4. Lemme know what you think. -Hefe
  9. V

    Buy/Trade for your Cornelius kegs (Seattle)

    I have extra 5g glass carboys, looking for a few Corney kegs (5g). In Seattle. Anyone want to trade?