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  1. EnglishAndy

    Brewing with flaked corn (maize). Efficiency?

    I'm planning a light lager recipe that's going to have around 20% Crisp flaked, torrefied maize. Looking at the datasheet I can see it has a high extract potential - 86.5% equates to 1.040 in Beersmith. This is higher than base malt. The thing is, the Brulosophy folks (link) tried brewing with...
  2. mr_stout

    Replacement For Flaked Corn

    Since flaked corn is not an steepable grain that I can use in an extract recipe. What can I use to replace it? And what would replace flaked barley?
  3. zgardener

    Pink Peppercorn Wit?

    I want to try something different with a wit, and got the idea of using the sweet, tangy, slightly spicy pink 'peppercorn'. My main question is when to use it and how much? I want it to be one of the predominant flavors, but not to overshadow the wheat and hops. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  4. HemlockHomebrewer

    Need help: Ginger beer won't ferment

    I'm trying to brew a ginger beer. Here's the basic recipe I made up: -3# x-light malt extract (dried) -3# corn sugar -1# CaraHell barley malt (toasted and crushed) -2oz whole-leaf Cascade hops (1.5oz to brew, 0.5oz to finish) -2oz fresh grated ginger (added last 10 minutes of...