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  1. U

    Corking a bottle with a scissor jack

    I've been using expensive swing-top bottles to bottle most of my wine, but I had an idea to try to reuse some of the bottles I get from the store. I thought about placing a wine bottle on top of a scissor jack and placing a solid piece of 2x4 on top of the cork (a #9) after I partially lodge it...
  2. M

    Cork Guinness Draught bottles?

    Probably been covered on another thread, but are the Guinness Draught bottles okay to cork mead in?
  3. Gytaryst

    No One Knows the Answer

    I've been asking this question for 3 years. Not just on this forum, but other online resources. I've emailed home brew supply stores and asked in person at all of the LHBS here in town. I've received responses from one end of the spectrum to the other from just as many people who don't know the...