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  1. spittybug

    No chill hardware mods?

    I have a 3 Sanke keg brew setup; HLT, mash tun and boil kettle. Straightforward. Brewing in Houston in the summer is a bear because it's so hot and the tap water is fairly useless for cooling unless you use huge quantities to get down to ~90 degrees. Well, we're building a home out in Hill...
  2. NYShooterGuy

    How long will it take?

    5.4 gallons OG 1.064 aerated wort in sanitized fermenter. Cooled to 70°F and placed in a 45°F garage. How long before the wort reaches ~54°F just by being kept in cooler area?
  3. derekp83

    Cooling Wort w/ Sterilized Ice in the Kettle

    So my question is not actually about the effectiveness of this: I pre-boiled about a half gallon of water, let it chill and poured it into a sanitized container, sealed it and freezed it. I plan to cool my wort by gently transferring the ice cylinder into my kettle at flameout (in a cold water...