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  1. khumbu76

    Colorado Brewjacket Immersion Pro with Extras

    Hey Everyone! I have a VERY lightly used Immersion Pro that I am selling. It is 100% operational and I have only used it on two batches. I am moving my brewing operation to a location with too little clearance, so it just doesn't fit on any of my fermentors in the cabinet. This unit is...
  2. mr_stout

    Fermentation Cooling Less Than $10 Dollars! OMG!

    Looking into fermentation cooling I noticed that many options are quite costly. Brew Bucket = $$$ (Big Money) Grainfather = $$$ (Expensive) Glycol chillers = $$$ (Costly and complicated - No way Jose) Brew Jacket = $$$ (Whoa, I'll have to save up a long time for this one) Runnig air conditioner...
  3. t-bag

    New Blog Plz Visit

    Hey all just started up a brewing blog. im looking for advice/input. Go check it out its pretty cool.