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  1. T

    For Sale Electric Brewery Starter System $1000

    I built this system about 5 years ago with the intention of eventually building out to a full 3 vessel HERMS setup. I never quite got around to doing all of that, but I’ve used the system (Panel/Boil Kettle/Mash Tun) to brew about 10 batches and all works as expected. There’s some scratches and...
  2. Islandboy85

    Wire management

    So, what’s your preferred wire management in your control panel? Vote, comment, and definitely post a picture!
  3. S

    Need a little advice on how to wire up controller

    I am thinking of making the switch to electric brewing and building my own brew controller based on this guy's build here: https://skrilnetz.net/how-to-build-a-brewing-control-panel-herms-240v-30-amp/ I have all of the components in my cart ready to buy and have started thinking of how I am...
  4. S

    80AMP Control panel $225

    Complete control panel with wire diagram. Have not drilled holes for any end device connections. Aluminum sides and stainless top&bottom Getting a new job and don’t have time to finish.
  5. Kinggolf83

    Single Tier HERMS System

    I started brewing about eight years ago when my wife surprised me with a Mr. Beer kit. I made some passable beers and some that were plain awful. I enjoyed the hobby but really did not enjoy my beer as much as what I could buy at the market. So I put Mr. Beer in the back closet and continued...
  6. S


    So, one of my friends said I should join this site and ask my question because, and I quote, "If you can't find an answer on HBT, there isn't an answer." Anyway, what I'm looking for is a control panel that can manage not only dual 5500w elements simultaneously, but four pumps as well. I've...
  7. E

    Contactor, SSR Wiring Confusion

    I currently have a control panel wired for 1 HLT heating element. It is wired into 1 SSR and the PID. I am wanting to add another heating element for the boil kettle. After looking at some diagrams they have contactors added with a switch with the SSR still wired to the heating element : Below...
  8. K&KBREW

    Control Panel Schematic - Need Help

    Hey guys, I have recently decided it's time to bring the E-Herms dream to life and have hit a bit of a snag. I am by no means an electrician and I am having one heck of a time trying to find exactly what I need to power this puppy, since I want to be able to run both elements and pumps at the...
  9. MikeSkril

    The All In One Brewing Control Panel (HERMS,RIMS,BIAB,...)

    Hi, I'm happy to share my latest project with you. This control panel is a multipurpose brewing controller. It’s powered by 240V / 30 AMP and can run 2 pumps and a 5500-watt heating element. It has a mash/boil controller with integrated timer and buzzer. The AiONE controller does it all...
  10. jimmyjamesbob

    120v eBIAB Brew Controller - Clawhammer

    Digital Brewing Controller Stainless steel 1650 ultra low watt density heating element (120v, 15 amp) High accuracy temperature probe. (PT100) https://www.clawhammersupply.com/collections/all-products/products/distillation-equipment-electric-controller-kit $450 Shipped