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  1. T

    Scum layer on barrel aged brew

    Hey everyone, needs some opinions on this. Been barrel aging my brew for several months. Checked it 3 weeks ago, everything was spot on and no problems. Just gone to take a sample today and I’ve got a layer of white scum in the surface. Took a sample, tastes fine, smells fine. No souring or off...
  2. khumbu76

    Sorry, it's another 'Is my beer contaminated thread!'

    Hi everybody. I just ran into a pretty unique situation while kegging some hard cider today and after digging through the forum and some google searches, couldn't quite find an answer to this one. I noticed 2 small floating mold-like objects floating at the top of my hard cider. Each were...
  3. A

    Hydrometer accident

    I accidentally used my hydrometer in my fermenting bin without sanitising it. The beer is at it FG and I have only used the hydrometer once before and it was rinsed afterwards. Will it have contaminated my brew?