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  1. Sergiy

    Beer overflow after opening

    Hi everyone, i met a problem with my beer. After opening i had i huge amount of foam and beer taste was over-carbonated and feels yeasty. I kept it for 2 week for bottle conditioning and 1.5 week in fridge. Also i had very hot environment while fermenting. Should i give it more time in a fridge...
  2. C

    Science on Tap - The Science of Beer Aging - Styles

    Link back to Science on Tap part 1: Introduction to the science of beer aging. We have all heard the rules for selecting a beer for aging: high ABV and low hops, dark-colored, imperial, etc. Really though, you can choose to age any beer. But why do some beers deteriorate deliciously while others...
  3. C

    Science on Tap - Introduction to the Science of Beer Aging

    Science on Tap: Introduction to the Science of Beer Aging Aging a beer is a test of patience. You planned and brewed the perfect beer for aging, but how do you know if the flavors will become more rounded or if they will become dull and muddy? Twelve months later, your big spiced chocolate...
  4. jayjay

    Yeasty tasting beer - not done bottle conditioning?

    Hi So this might be a rookie question My first batch of beer just finished (i think) fermenting last sunday after which i bottled it with sugar for bottle conditioning. The recipe told me to leave beer at room temperature for 2 days and then move to a cooler place. Out of curiosity i tried one...
  5. DanInSydney

    How time affects your brew

    I recently finished my first batch of Original Bitter and was really happy with how it turned out! I knew bottle conditioning would have an impact, but was pleasantly surprised at how much better it was vs prior going into the bottle. I keep seeing people on the forums saying the longer you...
  6. DanInSydney

    Bottle carbonation fix

    Have been bottle carbonating a batch of Ordinary Bitter since around 4 weeks and 2-3 bottles didn’t carbonate. Any tips to avoid eating them. I guess maybe some extra yeast then sugars for carbonation, but I’m just concerned about bottle bombs!
  7. letsallgoforasoda

    Has any one used liquid yeast to make rootbeer.

    please bare with me I have no home brew experience outside of soda I have been naturally carbonating Root beer for a month or so now. I'm wondering if anyone has any input on using liquid ale yeast? I seem to have a more sediment in the bottom of the 16oz ez tops I use. All the recipes I have...
  8. B

    Off-Flavors, Super Dry Finish / Aftertaste

    I brewed the Lefse Blonde extract kit from Northern Brewer. In primary for about a week, secondary for two weeks, in bottles for two weeks so far. I'm getting a very dry (too dry) finish and some off-flavors I can't put my finger on. Any thoughts as to where I went wrong on this one? Not...
  9. Smitty

    Bottle Car

    Hello fellow brewers. Looking for some wisdom here as I've only ever brewed 2 batches. I went with carbonation drops, 1 per 450ml bottle. Being stored at 18°c and after a month, I'm a little disappointed with the amount of carbonation. Am I just being impatient? Very little head on the beer. It...
  10. V

    High Pressure Lager Yeast

    I am planning to use WL High Pressure Lager Yeast soon and trying to time my brewing for a party in October accordingly. My main question is knowing that this beer will finish out and be ready much earlier than a traditional lager, is there any harm in letting it sit and condition at 38 F for...
  11. TNJake

    Kegging a Tripel: Naturally Carbonate?

    I have a tripel that is ready to be kegged/bottled, OG- 1.076, FG- 1.014. I was hoping to dry this out a bit more but it stuck here. I am thinking that I will need re-pitch a bit in order to naturally condition and I have some T58 that I could easily add to this. I am also thinking that I might...
  12. theinterneti

    Kegging --> Stabilizing --> Bottling

    I'm sure this question has been answered before, but after some searching I'd like a more definitive answer. If there IS a great answer out there that I'm missing, maybe add it to the kegging FAQ? I've just kegged my third batch. I'm having a ton of fun with it and the brews are tastier than...
  13. The Decembeerist

    Easy Bottling Guide

    Hi fellow homebrewers. I recorded a short video explaining how to bottle and condition your beers. Cheers!
  14. M

    Time - how long to age?

    It seems that the more time I allow my wines to condition, the better the end product. Generally, I rack 2-3 times and age about 6 months before bottling. After bottling, I typically let it sit for another 3-6 months. Having lurked here for some time, I sense that much of what is made is...