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    Mead Yeast Cake?

    Knowing that mead lacks the solids of beer/wine production, will mead's yeast cake and "devil's share" act the same way composted as these others? If not; what else might I use this yeast slurry for? Also, hi! Used to experimenting on my own, but SUPER eager to chat with more experienced...
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    Spent Grain Poll

    I'm curious to see how many people are using their spent grain for something, and how many are just tossing it out. No judgment for any type of answer...just curious.
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    Composting of spent Hops

    Hey Brewers. I'm not a brewer, I work with golf courses on various environmental projects. Currently I'm conducting an experiment on compost ingredients that help retain moisture. I was lead to Hops from a few articles I found on the net and have now sourced some from a local Craft brewer...