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  1. J

    My First Competition: Results, Disappointments, Improvements

    I've been brewing for a relatively long time however I have been rather shy on sharing my brews, let alone having them test in high scrutiny, however I decided that I was decent enough to at least enter and I should shed some of my cowardice. I am also someone who likes to take things way too...
  2. pabrimmer

    competition categorization question

    Hi, all, I'm entering my first competition, the beer is an oatmeal milk stout that I've brewed 21 times since Jan 2018. There's a bit of variation from batch to batch, but the one I'm submitting came out like so: OG 1.073 FG 1.024 IBU's 22 ABV 6.43% I thought I should enter it in category...
  3. hairyk

    Rhode Island Who’s entering the Ocean State Homebrew Competition? Are you? Tell me more! Tell me more! I’ve been brewing for about 11 years, many failures, many successes... but this is my first competition! I’m entering two brews as of now, maybe a third. Any and all tips/suggestions are welcomed but I’m not guaranteeing...
  4. TooDeadBrew

    What's the BJCP Style for Beer/Wine hybrids?

    Just made a beer with 49% wine must, would this be simply a fruit beer for a BJCP competition? The guidelines don't specifically mention grapes, so just making sure. To further complicate I split the batch and added dried hibiscus to a portion of the secondary. Would this be experimental...