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  1. zgja2

    Tennessee 🍻HB Festival and Comp W/$10,000 in cash prizes!

    Greetings friends. I wanted to take a moment and invite my fellow brewers to apply to serve and compete at the 2024 Hoppy Possum Southern Brewers Cup (September 28, 2024). We are a unique homebrew festival only and competition featuring brewers from across the US competing for $10,000 in cash...
  2. Fermentis

    Ready for your next Homebrew Competition? 🍻🏆

    Hello everyone! If you're an homebrewer, you have probably participated once to a homebrew competition or you're currently thinking to do it, it's a good way for our community to collect feedbacks about our last brews and to have an impartial judgement. But do you really know how your beers are...
  3. V

    Lessons From My First Public Homebrew Competition

    A little over a year ago I jumped into this awesome hobby of homebrewing. Now, twenty some batches in, I’ve moved from extract to all-grain, gotten a temperature controlled fermentation chamber, a handful of kegs, and all sorts of other fun gear. What I hadn't done, was enter a competition...
  4. C

    Categorizing a Beer Competition Entry

    Hi All, I'm entering my first beer competition and I need some help defining the entry. I'm entering a Pumpkin Ale (yeah I know but it's all I had ready in time). Under normal circumstances I would expect to enter under 30B Autumn Seasonal Beer. My issue is I used a Saison yeast to get a...
  5. ClementsHomebrew

    Home Brew Competition & 32 oz Hop Give Away

    I've enjoyed entering the Sjporr Challenge for many years, so I thought I'd pass on some info. This year every participant will receive a Free Boil Bro from Bouncer. Everyone that registers for the competition has a change to win 32 oz of hops from Yakima Valley Hops. It's a great...
  6. seatazzz

    Help me class this lager for a competition...

    So back on 7/7 I brewed up a lager, using 80/20 pilsner/two row, 0.5oz Chinook for bittering, and some Crystal as late additions at 10 & 5. Fermented at 52 for a week, then a d-rest for a few days, now supposed to get some lagering time. Planned on it just being for home consumption. Just...
  7. artichoke

    California Common Competition Results

    In this post I share the results from entering my first blog subject into the 2019 Canadian Brewer of the Year competition circuit, and discuss how I would improve the beer next time I brew it.
  8. B

    How to judge a SMaSH comp?

    Hey guys, So I'm running a Homebrew Club, and for the last year and a bit we've been having competitions bi-monthly on a given style. We've been judging these based on BJCP standards, with the idea that it could help us learn and edit our beers to get better and possibly enter in regional...
  9. P

    Florida Central Florida Home Brewers 2019 Sunshine Challenge Beer Competition

    The Central Florida Home Brewers Inc is hosting the 29th Annual Sunshine Challenge. Join us for a weekend of fun and great beer as we celebrate the 29th anniversary of the Sunshine Challenge and the 30th anniversary of the Central Florida Home brewers Association. Dates: June 20-22 Location...
  10. CascadesBrewer

    Are you entering the AHA National Homebrew Competition? Why? Why Not?

    Me? I am not sure. I took a break from brewing and have gotten back into it full throttle. I have a decent Oatmeal Stout (maybe could use some more roasty) and Porter (a bit young to fully evaluate, but seems pretty solid) on tap. I have a Pale Ale about ready to kegged (fairly common...
  11. NordeastBrewers

    Minnesota 2018 Nordeast Brewers Alliance Homebrew Compeition

    The 2018 Nordeast Brewers Alliance Homebrew Competition is open for entries through Friday, November 30. For those in Minnesota, you can drop off at Northern Brewer, Midwest Supplies, or Brew & Grow -- or check the registration page for mail-in entries. Judges, stewards, and volunteers are...
  12. X

    HomeBrewTalk Brewers Place 2nd at Colorado State Fair

    As I don't belong to a local homebrew club, I picked up the habit several years back of filling in the club spot for competition entries with HomeBrewTalk Brewers, a habit I believe I picked up from pjj2ba . It has caused some surprise around the Colorado competitions in the past, particularly...
  13. Y

    NHC Results

    This is my first year entering beers into NHC. If judging ends tomorrow, when should we expect results? My beers were entered into NYC region.
  14. I

    BJCP 33B Question

    Question for you seasoned competition folks/judges out there. For 33B Specialty Wood Aged Beer Category my local competition gives me this The entrant MUST specify the additional alcohol character, with information about the barrel if relevant to the finished flavor profile. The entrant MUST...
  15. dubbwelsh

    Filling Growler from Bottles

    I already know this seems like a situation nobody would encounter, hear me out. I have a bottled Brett Stout that I entered in a comp and it scored high enough that I was invited to a People's Choice Round where attendees will judge the beer. You're supposed to bring 2-4 growlers. All my beer...
  16. A

    BREWOFF! 2018 Homebrew Competition

    BABBLE Home Brewers of Lake County IL present BREWOFF!, our yearly BJCP sanctioned home brewing contest. Entries can be mailed or dropped off in the Chicago area until February 16th, 2018. Judging, awards, party and fundraising auction/raffle happens March 3rd at Buffalo Creek Brewing with the...
  17. K

    Want to WIN a Brewery Shed from Tiger Sheds x Northern Monk Brew Co? UK only!

    Hi all! I wanted to share this great competition where you can win this really cool Brewery Shed! It provides the perfect space for you to brew and serve beer in your garden with a handy pull down serving hatch, and comes with the...
  18. K

    Want to WIN a Brewery Shed from Tiger Sheds x Northern Monk Brew Co? UK only!

    Hi all! I wanted to share this great competition where you can win this really cool Brewery Shed! It provides the perfect space for you to brew and serve beer in your garden with a handy pull down serving hatch, and comes with the...
  19. T

    New all IPA comp May 22, GEBL IPA Hop Madness

    Coming up on May 22nd the Greater Everett Brewers League will be hosting the Hop Madness IPA Challenge. Beers will be placed in one of 4 brackets (American IPA14a, European IPA 14b Imperial IPA 14c and Experimental IPA 23a.) and will be evaluated in a head-to-head fashion. The winner of each...
  20. GeorgeH

    2010 Ann Arbor Brews Crews Competition (May 22, 2010)

    A BJCP/AHA sanctioned event sponsored by Arbor Brewing Company, Ann Arbor, MI Beer Best-of-show grand prize includes the opportunity to brew your beer on the ABC house system, to be served on tap at the pub. New for 2010:Meads and Ciders with a special BOS prize just for these categories...