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  1. Alan Reginato

    Saison Dry Yeast Clash! BE-134 X Belle Saison X M29 French Saison

    Hi everyone! I was researching some time ago about saison dry yeasts and many homebrewers swear that M29 is Belle Saison or BE-134 repackaged. So I give it a try, bought one package of each and put to test. A lot of discussion about it here: Dry yeasts identified - your opinions please! The...
  2. M

    Comparing Homebrewing Software

    The pioneering American homebrewers of the 1970s were on their own in many respects. “If you wanted to learn to brew you had to find someone who knew what they were doing or read a book,” wrote Stanley Kaminski in his article for, The Complete History of Homebrew. The early...
  3. beervoid

    WLP4000 vs WLP095 "Vermont yeast"

    Hey everyone i'm looking for some feedback from people who have used both Yeast Bay Wlp4000 - Vermont Ale and White Labs WLP095 - Burlington Ale Yeast How would you describe the differences? WLP4000 is difficult to obtain for me so I'm trying to find out if it's worth the effort. cheers
  4. aggieotis

    GF Grain Equivalents

    This post is spun off from deep within another thread, so I thought I'd make it into a new thread as the information is pretty relevant to most of us. I went through the information on to try and find which crude GF grain profiles are closest to those that will kill/maim...