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  1. F

    Older Kegerator - Cooling?

    I recently got an older used Danby DKC644BLS 2 tap kegerator for free. I've plugged it in and the evaporator fan in the back runs but feeling the compressor I'm not sure if it is running or not. The last 2 days I've had my temp probe in there and while the unit is set for 40 degrees it seems to...
  2. sunshine22

    Commercial Kegerator

    Hello everyone, been doing some digging on Craigslist, FBmarket, and on here. I'm in search of a commercial kegerator. Preferably lightly used, Bev-air or True brand. Open to others as well. Looking in the DC, NoVA, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey area. Thanks! Kyle
  3. H

    Homebrew all grain equipent / Commerical Kegerator

    I have 2 converted keggles i used as HLT and BK. Converted gatorade cooler used as mash tun with false bottom. 10 gal bayou classic kettle. One unconverted quarter keg. March pump that has never been used with stainless head. Home built temp regulator for fermentation chamber. 2 cornies, ball...