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    using oxygen tanks in 10 Bbl Fermentation Vessel for aeration?

    Planning to expand my brewery in a few months but trying to see if there is a way around to avoid the outside air to reduce variations and get down my ABV as well? Should I add some sort of oxygen 0.5micron stone or just a headspace pressure works? Ik I would face a few issues trying to remove...
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    What set-up is next (for you)?

    Hi everyone! Myself and a couple of business partners are looking to start a launch-pad for hopeful home brewers looking to take the next step on their brewing journey. It begs the question: What equipment would you need to take your brewing to the next level? A fully electric 20 Gal...
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    Commercial Breweries Yeast

    I am just curious how major commercial breweries like MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch are able to use their yeast for so many years without it mutating. It is something that i always found curious. Thanks in advance, Chip