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  1. Kris Brew

    First Recipe, Brewing Tomorrow - Thoughts?

    Hi all, Just want some opinions really... i have never created a recipe before and thought i would have a go! That's what i have come up with based on the ingredients i have, opinions?
  2. WildernessBrewing

    Yet Another Dry Hop Question

    Looking for advice on a dry hop schedule for a pale ale that just finished with primary fermentation. It's a Columbus, Cascade, Amarillo pale at about 30 IBUs. SG of 1.052 and finished at 1.009 with WLP051. I'll be kegging and serving it at an event on the 15th of September, so I have a little...
  3. ca_baracus

    Recipe Critique: Hazyish IPA with Kveik Yeast

    Hey Guys, Here's what I'm thinking for my next brew. Really want to try out Omega Hordnindal yeast due to the fruity esters it gives off. I'm kind of thinking a Trillium Congress Street feel with the Columbus to help balance out the yeast and fruitiness of the Galaxy. Hoping for a fruity, dank...
  4. J

    For Sale: Kal Near-Clone 20 gallon 30 Amp Electric Brewery

    I recently found out I will likely be unable to drink much beer anymore due to a minor medical condition (huge bummer, but nothing serious), so I am looking to sell a significant stash of brewing supplies including a near-clone of Kal's 30 Amp 20 gallon electric brewery...