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  1. I

    How long - stainless braid - xtreme 70

    First post here, have been a lurker for a long time, been extract brewing for a few years. Now working on building a mash tun out of a Coleman xtreme 70qt cooler. Planning to use cooler kit from Bargain Fittings. I am not a DIY kinda guy and live in a small town with not a lot of resources...
  2. mordantly

    coleman extreme 70qt

    anyone have one of these coleman extreme 70qt coolers? http://www.coleman.com/coleman/colemancom/detail.asp?product_id=6270A748&categoryid=8580 i want to get one, on $37 shipped from walmart.. my "local" store doesn't have it. i'm confused what Rustproof, leak resistant channel drain for...