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  1. Denis2121

    Cold Crash CO2

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place to post this question. I just brewed my 3rd AG batch on 28/01, Cherry Saison. Recipe attached. This is the first time i didnt use a starter. I am fermenting in a bucket using a blowoff tube and DIY co2 harvester kit. Picture attached. Its a blowoff...
  2. Fern0022

    Cider Bottle Carb Issue

    I’m having issues with my cider bottles carbing. I used fresh grolsch flip top bottles and one plastic coke bottle (w/hot glue) to gauge the average pressure. After 10 days the coke bottle had not firmed up. I popped one of the glass bottles and it’s flat. It’s darn good and strong, but I prefer...
  3. Dem Castles

    Low Oxygen Dry Hop

    Cold crashing now from 90 degrees to 65 degrees over a day or so. Yeast- Omega Hot Head Ale Kveik Here's the dilemma, I was hoping to dry hop using a sight glass/butterfly valve to minimize oxygen exposure. Due to my kegerators height, I would have to move the fermenter out and then do the...
  4. thirstypanda

    To coldcrash or not to coldcrash

    I'm putting together my strategy for a 5g Zombie Dust IPA and was wondering if coldcrashing at the end of fermentation would be worthwhile? It would mean a whole lot of disturbing the fermenter to get it to my fridge. I did a well hopped PA and it came out crystal clear without whirlflock...