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  1. V

    Craft The Perfect Draft - Tips For Clearing Your Beer

    Whenever I transfer my wort from the kettle to the fermentor or my beer from the fermentor to a keg or bottling bucket I also see it as an opportunity to clean it too. Reducing the amount of trub your finished beer contains before packaging it goes a long way in preventing the formation of chill...
  2. Angus MacDonald

    Scottish Winter Brews

    Ok so I know temperatures are colder elsewhere compared to Scotland in winter, even the Highlands where I am. I'm fairly new to brewing though and I was looking for advice on how to keep yeast warm during the fermentation stages. The average temperature of Inverness in December is 1C/34F...
  3. OrionPax

    How would you keep your keezer faucets cold?

    I'm in the R&D planning phase of building a collar and converting a freezer for my brews. While researching I noticed on a couple of occasions where the brewers mentioned the faucets were warm enough that they were getting excess amounts of foam. One youtube video even mentioned the use of...
  4. O

    The effect of lagering on yeast (altbier)

    I'm planning on brewing an all-grain altbier with ale yeast, but I'm confused when it comes to cold conditioning the beer after two weeks of fermentation at 65 degrees. I was planning on putting the fermentor in the fridge for a month, but wouldn't this cause the yeast to precipitate to the...
  5. Breuckelen

    Small space tempurature control

    I live and brew in Brooklyn, NY - it goes without saying space for anything is at a premium in NYC. The only place I can keep my carboys is in my windowless office in the middle of the apartment. The only problem? It's always 80ºF in here regardless of season or the temperature of the other...