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  1. S

    Pressure Fermenting and clarifying

    I’m about ready to crash my pressure fermented lager. Used WLP925, using a unitank conical. Here’s a couple of questions. If I crash it I calculate the temp drop I’ll loose about 1-2PSI, but to add gelatin to clarify I’ll need to release pressure. Will that make a frothy mess? Next when I...
  2. A

    IPA trouble getting dry hops to settle, even with gelatin and cold crash

    Hey guys, I brewed an IPA and I´m currently on day 19 of fermentation. Its been cold crashed and gelatin for 4 days at 0-2 C*. My procedure for the gelatin was adding 1g of gelatin for every gallon of beer and 2oz of water for every gram of gelatin: came out to 10gr of gelatin in 20oz of water...
  3. M

    Prolonged Cold Crash ... Is That Bad?

    I dropped the temp on my fermentation chamber to cold crash an Amber Ale on Friday afternoon. Dropped the temp to 1.5'C (~35'F). Normally it's like that for anywhere from 12-24 hrs and then I bottle. However, this time around life got in the way. It's now Tuesday and it's still sitting in cold...
  4. TBC_Brewster

    SS Brewtech 1BBL Jacketed Unitank Clarity Issues

    So I've upgraded my entire system from 10 gal to 1bbl. I used to cold crash in carboys that would sit in my freezer for a week and come out perfect. With my new tanks, I am unable to do it in roughly/same amount of time. I have even transferred after fermenting (yes I know the irony) just to...
  5. R

    To prime, or not to prime?

    So this may be a dumb, and asked before question, but I am new to all this so please bear with me. I am making an apple cider from freshly squeezed apples, it has been in my primary for 12 days, I back sweetened with some fresh apple juice, and left if for 2more days, it's at a point now where...
  6. T

    Looking to brew a Pilsner... do I need to cold crash?

    Hi all, I am attempting to rekindle my home brewing hobby after a year long hiatus due to work and life in general! If I'm pulling away any positives from the current state of affairs in the world, its that it will give me more time to home-brew! I have only done about 4 brews now, so I am...
  7. SmokeyRydr

    Cold crash suck-back volume estimate?

    is there any general guidance for the volume of gas being sucked back when cold crashing? E.g. if I have a 6.5g carboy and 5.5g of beer, and I cold crash from 68F to 35F, what volume of gas should I expect to suck-back? if this is pretty constant and predictable, I'd like to create a large...
  8. I

    Cold crashing Questions

    I've brewed a few batches before, and decided I might try cold crashing my current batch once it is done fermenting. So I read a few articles and forum posts on the topic and mostly understand the process but one thing that occasionally gets described keeps tricking me up. I keg my beer and as...
  9. F


    Hey all, so I just finished my second batch ever, in my spike brewing conical. Yes I decided to upgrade from buckets to a conical that quick haha. Anyways, so I did everything how I was supposed to, I forced crashed my wort so I could force carbonate. I forced carbonated for 12hrs and when I did...
  10. Iowa Brewer

    Live, Learn, & Pass It On... But seriously, will I poison myself?

    Hey all, I've been cold crashing a DIPA in the fermenter, bringing it down 10F/day to 36F. Went to take a look and realized that I should have disconnected the blow-off tube, because the lowering temp caused suction (new lesson for me!), it sucked the StarSan that I had in a 1gal jug into the...
  11. I

    1 week into first Cyser, Panicked, is it salvageable?

    Hello! So exactly a week ago I started my first ever homebrew. I bought two gallon jugs of apple cider from Whole Foods, and left one as is, and the other poured 1.5 lbs of honey into. Then I added 1tsp of Yeast Nutrient (Urea and Diammonium Phosphate) and 1/2 tsp of pectic enzyme to each jug...
  12. beervoid

    Storing kegs without constant c02 pressure

    I've got the following situation. I've got a fridge to cold crash and store my beers before I move them to my kegerator where I can connect them to constant co2 pressure. I've got co2 available at the "cold crash fridge" but I can only keep 1 keg connected at the time. What i'm doing now is...
  13. S

    Solid Bung Cold Crashing Tonight!

    First try with this vessel. (6 gal thin neck glass carboy) Wish me luck friends! Hope I don't wake up to a boom and a mess! Also, has anyone had this go wrong? I've read up quite a bit online and can only find accounts of people not willing to risk the implosion and accounts of people who have...
  14. xpacheco

    Cold Crash after amylase remedy?

    Hi, First, some background. I'm brewing a high gravity Belgium Triple. After three weeks in primary fermentation halted at 1.023. Beer was too sweet. To remedy this, I did the following: 1. Added US-05, moved to warm location after 24 hrs, no effect 2. Added amylase, after 24 hrs, air-lock...
  15. Washington_Brewologist

    Add gelatin to keg or to cold crashed fermenter?

    Hey guys! I have an Irish Red that has been cold crashing for over 48 hours. This is my first attempt at cold crashing and I'm curious if you guys add gelatin to your fermenters or to your keg after racking? Also, I couldn't help wondering if making the gelatin solution and adding it to the keg...
  16. rondemay

    Carbonation Technique

    Well... I was wondering everyone's opinion... I naturally primed and kegged a batch of brew last night and accidentally cold crashed it. It was probably near 40-45 degrees for a short time, and sat at high 50's for most of the night. I moved it into it's final location this morning, where it...
  17. V

    Bubbled The Keg

    So I took the time to cold crash for a week and then when I went to transfer from corny to corny, I didn't have the pressure low enough in the serving keg and ended up (bubbling / boiling) the fermenting one before transfering. After the transfer was complete I took a sample and it is SUPER...
  18. A

    YACCQ - Yet Another Cold Crashing Question - Using Salt on Ice

    I've not seen it mentioned, but when making ice-cream most people add salt to the ice so the milk/cream is exposed to the right temps. Wouldn't adding salt to the ice bath make sense for cold crashing too?
  19. B

    Cold Crashing without larger container

    Hi guys, I'm about to move my lager from it's secondary fermenter to the bottles to carbonate. I'll be adding gelatin in before I bottle but I understand that cold crashing may be needed to clarify the beer. I haven't large enough refridgerator space, don't have any large buckets or containers...
  20. Surly_goat

    Shocking yeast with glycol

    Hey guys I'm currently designing a multi vessel fermentation setup. I don't have the space for a chamber. I'm very space limited but have technical expertise so have decided to go DIY glycol chiller route. Glycol bath and AC on balcony, fermentation chambers just inside wall. I'm wondering if...