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  1. DarthBeer

    Guinness cold brew recipes?

    Has anyone seen a recipe for the Guinness nitro cold brew? Or how to add the cold brew part to an existing Guinness batch?
  2. B

    Coffee! How, When, Amounts?

    First time using coffee: Question at the bottom, but first here is the recipe: Fermentables: 70% Maris Otter 10% Brown Malt 10% Flaked Oats 5% Pale Chocolate 5% Roast Barley Hops: 60 min: 28 IBUS of Target 5 min: 4 IBUS of EKG Yeast: Imperial A09 Pub Target OG: 1.060 Target FG: 1.013-.015...
  3. T

    Cold Brew Coffee how long it would last?

    Hi.. I'm new in home brewing. How many days cold brew coffee will good save to drink after 12hours brewing? I have a plan to make in 2 gallon keg, while I can't drink it all in one day, how long it good to drink (fresh)?
  4. F

    Cold brew coffee from scratch?

    About two weeks ago I had a chance to try a bottled cold brew coffee. It was very good, although I prefer my iced coffee black. But it was also rather expensive to purchase and while I could afford it if I wanted it, I'd rather make it myself. There appear to be a variety of "machines" out...
  5. J

    Wake and Hop Coffee IPA (Rogue Cold Brew IPA clone)

    So, this has been a project of mine for some time - I spent some time attempting to "reverse-engineer" Rogue's proprietary hop varieties they mention in their recipe for Cold Brew IPA...
  6. Jtk78

    Cold brew nitro coffee

    I am in the middle of a kegerator build and the idea popped in my mind to have a tap dedicated to cold brew coffee on nitro. I do know that my beer gas blend will not work and I will need a dedicated nitrogen cylinder. The equipment I would need would be the cylinder, regulator, another keg...