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  1. E

    For Sale 10 Gallon Homebrew Equipment

    Folks, I've moved to commerical equipment and selling my old stuff. Would prefer to sell all together but let me know what you're interested in. 10 Gallon mashtun w/ false bottom (less than year old) 10 gallon BK with turkey fryer stand, 8 gallon HLT. 4 ale pails with taps, coldbreak, scale...
  2. Angus MacDonald

    Scottish Winter Brews

    Ok so I know temperatures are colder elsewhere compared to Scotland in winter, even the Highlands where I am. I'm fairly new to brewing though and I was looking for advice on how to keep yeast warm during the fermentation stages. The average temperature of Inverness in December is 1C/34F...
  3. B

    First Time Whirlpooling with Pump

    I tried whirlpooling with a Riptide and a Spin Cycle arm during my brew a few days ago, but was pretty underwhelmed by the results. I didn't have any sort of trub cone at the bottom of the kettle - all the cold break seemed to be spread out on the bottom of the kettle like it normally is. I had...
  4. skunkmeister

    Does trub/cold-break affect SG readings?

    I'm guessing because the trub/cold-break is not in solution then it should not affect the SG of the wort. Is that correct? If so, then does that mean that any proteins left in solution do contribute to the SG? Or are proteins so much lighter than sugars as to not be a factor? However, if...