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  1. Sbe2

    Coconut Porter w/ Sabro

    Thinking about doing a coconut porter and looking to use Sabro in the dry hop along with dried coconuts. Am I crazy? I have a half a pound of it left and would like to experiment with it a bit.
  2. F

    Brewing with Coconut

    Like most beers with an ingredient other than hops, malt, water or yeast, coconut beers stir up a lot of emotion in the beer enthusiast’s talking circles. Coconut may have more of a reason for this than most other flavor enhancers and that’s because the oils in coconut can quickly ruin any head...
  3. H

    Coconut , cinnamon

    Recently I brewed OG 1.138 , 20 liters of Imperial Stout. After the fermentation is over, I'm going to put a toasted coconut and a cinnamon stick in here. I'm going to put 800 grams of toasted coconut and 4 sticks of cinnamon. Is that too much? Have a nice day :)
  4. M

    Coconut Brewing: sweetened or unsweetend, that is the question

    I have a chocolate porter in the primary right now, and decided to add coconut to it. All I can find is Bakers Sweetened coconut, and I didn't know if its flavor would turn my porter into a syrupy-tasting mess or not (the porter is already riding on the sweet side (1/2 lb. Special B and 1/2 lb...
  5. michio

    Coconut oil in mead

    Hey, usual beer brewer but decided to make a few meads recently. Wanted to see if adding coconut oil is a problem. I've always read that oil is bad for head retention on beer but since its a mead does it matter? I figured I just mix it in some hot water and stir and pour in with the rest of the...
  6. K

    Recipe Modifications with Coconut

    So I have been brewing for about a year now, using basic recipe kits from Northern Brewer. Now that I am more comfortable with the process, I am thinking of trying to change up the recipes and expand my game. For example, I love coconut beers, so I was thinking of brewing Northern Brewer's nut...