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  1. D

    Coco nibs

    Hi everyone, I have a 6gal milk stout currently fermenting this Saturday 05/19/18 will be a week. I want to add coco nibs that i bought sealed from my local brew store, I want to add it to my stout when i secondary it in a week but i have a few questions 1st question: I was reading that people...
  2. ConnorBrunton

    Cocoa nibs... Did I use too much whiskey for extracting?

    First time using cocoa nibs for a beer. I decided to use 16oz of Jack Daniels for 4oz of cocoa nibs. I let it sit for 5 days in the fridge. I transferred the beer after 7 days of fermentaion (chocolate milk stout). I’m starting to think I used too much whiskey after reading some threads...
  3. Bubbles2

    Used Cocoa Nibs Still floating...

    Hi All, Thanks for looking in. I brewed this Choc Stout from NB it had a packet of Cocoa Nibs to add a couple weeks out from bottling.. It has been about 2 weeks almost, and there is debris floating still... Is this normal? Where I can just use a Kleer, or filter with a 30 micron to catch all...
  4. JoshRH

    Big Beer, Lots of Oats, Airstone, Yeast Resuspension

    Hey there malt lovers, I brewed a 15 gallon batch of oatmeal stout last weekend. I used 8 lbs. of flaked oats and half were toasted lightly in my oven. I also added 2 jars of molasses, ~1Kg, 2 lbs. of lactose, 1 lb of cocoa nibs and .5 lbs of maltodextrin along with the rest of the grain bill. I...