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  1. B

    Adding a siphon tube to a CO2 tank.

    I was wondering if it is possible to add a siphon tube to a CO2 tank that was purchased without one? Is that something I could myself? Do I have to buy a tube matched to the specific tank? Bob Reed
  2. ChaosB

    CO2 Tank Threads - US / Korean

    I'm building a 15 gallon stainless steel HERMs system and I'm an American currently stationed in South Korea. Let's just say I've paid a lot in shipping. I've built a DIY kegerator and I have a 5 Lb. CO2 Tank from a US supplier but I can't have a full tank shipped so I've been looking for a...
  3. B

    Danby Drain Removal

    Has anyone removed the little drain fitting from their Danby to fit a CO2 line so that they can run their CO2 from outside the kegerator? It looks like it may be glued in their, and it may have a rubber piece that waterproofs it. I didn't want to hack away at it without asking. Thanks
  4. A

    New York Glass carboys, FREE corny keg, and 10 lb CO2 tank (all for $80 or parted out)

    For sale, either individual with prices below or all together for $90. I'm located in Manhattan and I can't ship these. 5 gallon glass carboy ($10) 6 gallon glass carboy ($15) 6.5 gallon glass carboy ($15) 6.5 gallon Italian glass carboy ($15) Carboy carriers ($5 together) FREE Challenger VI...