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  1. Steven Sinclair

    CO2 Tanks

    As pertains to the co2 regulators, is there anything special I would need for a 35# tank? Stroke of luck picked up this bad boy for less than $100 bucks on my local CL. Still new. Had it tested and it's gold! Just want to make sure the standard dual dial regulator I have now will work without...
  2. K

    Virginia Woodbridge - Keezer, Keg, and Equipment

    Selling my single tap tower Keezer along with stuff listed below. Everything is in good condition, just looking to get out of the hobby and let someone else get some joy out of this stuff! If you can pick it all up, its yours for $400 -Intertap Forward Sealing Faucet -Plastic and Stainless...
  3. B

    Adding a siphon tube to a CO2 tank.

    I was wondering if it is possible to add a siphon tube to a CO2 tank that was purchased without one? Is that something I could myself? Do I have to buy a tube matched to the specific tank? Bob Reed
  4. ChaosB

    CO2 Tank Threads - US / Korean

    I'm building a 15 gallon stainless steel HERMs system and I'm an American currently stationed in South Korea. Let's just say I've paid a lot in shipping. I've built a DIY kegerator and I have a 5 Lb. CO2 Tank from a US supplier but I can't have a full tank shipped so I've been looking for a...
  5. B

    Danby Drain Removal

    Has anyone removed the little drain fitting from their Danby to fit a CO2 line so that they can run their CO2 from outside the kegerator? It looks like it may be glued in their, and it may have a rubber piece that waterproofs it. I didn't want to hack away at it without asking. Thanks
  6. A

    New York Glass carboys, FREE corny keg, and 10 lb CO2 tank (all for $80 or parted out)

    For sale, either individual with prices below or all together for $90. I'm located in Manhattan and I can't ship these. 5 gallon glass carboy ($10) 6 gallon glass carboy ($15) 6.5 gallon glass carboy ($15) 6.5 gallon Italian glass carboy ($15) Carboy carriers ($5 together) FREE Challenger VI...