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  1. K

    Angled CO2 tank connector

    I decided to opt for a 10lb CO2 tank which just about fits on the shelf of my keezer, completely forgetting to allow for space for the extra height of the regulator. I assume I could just get an angled connector to put between the tank and regulator. Any better solutions? I assume I would just...
  2. Steven Sinclair

    CO2 Tanks

    As pertains to the co2 regulators, is there anything special I would need for a 35# tank? Stroke of luck picked up this bad boy for less than $100 bucks on my local CL. Still new. Had it tested and it's gold! Just want to make sure the standard dual dial regulator I have now will work without...
  3. B

    Sold Kegco 3-way CO2 regulator

    Kegco Commercial Grade Three Gauge Secondary Regulator Like new condition, didn't quite fit with my small keezer setup. $75 shipped via paypal, or $60 picked up in NE Ohio.
  4. O

    Advice on Regulator

    Hello everyone! I recently decided to get into kegging. The regulator I purchased was hooked up properly, started to expel gas, then stopped. Since then no gas will travel through the outlet. Not sure what I did wrong. Tank is plenty full of gas, the first gauge shows lots of co2 left. The...
  5. marlinmatt

    Regulator 2 product

    Beverage factory 2 guage 2 product. Includes gas line and ball lock couplers (IDB) EZto adjust, has the locknut. $30.00 + 15 to ship if needed Thanks, Matt
  6. anzaak

    Regulator maintenance

    Hi, due to letting the uninitiated handle my kegging equipment I ended up with beer inside my regulator. It is M4 from Kegland, but more or less same as any other regulator. Pics attached. I did some disassembly, cleaned it with water and starsan solution, but now I have moisture in my gauges...
  7. Bob Mar

    Kegerator Tower Conversion kit for mini to mid-size fridges (fridge not included)

    Purchased from Kegco, Brand New - not used! Purchased as a kit for a conversion project I was going to do for a friend. I ended up drilling through one of the cooling coils of the fridge and I never got around to finishing. NO FRIDGE INCLUDED! What is included: 1x Stainless Steel extra tall...
  8. Bob Mar

    Mini CO2 Regulator

    Great little travel kit designed for carbonating and serving beer with minimum space requirements. Ideal for traveling without the bulky tanks and additional gear. Includes: 1x Mini Regulator with multiple attachments to fit different size CO2 tanks 1x 20oz. CO2 container case with heavy-duty...
  9. ChaosB

    Regulators without Pressure Relief Valve

    I am in the market for a new dual gauge CO2 regulator. I previously owned the CO2PO regulator from Northern Brewer but after a year, have broken it, more on that later if you're interested. I've been looking at this Harris regulator from Austin Homebrew as well as different Taprite offerings...
  10. S

    Guidance on first kegerator build

    Greetings. Newest of newbies here. I have my first batch of homebrew bubbling away in the basement as we speak and am now doing my research and assembling the necessary parts to turn my beer fridge in the garage into a kegerator. Equipment gathered so far- Frigidaire 16.5 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer...
  11. E

    Building a Dual Body Cornelius Regulator

    For years, I've kept multiple regulators and CO2 tanks, at home, to pressurize, and serve Ball Lock and Sanke kegs. They take up a lot of space, and I have recently wondered about combining two regulators and fittings to make "one" regulator to fit all of my needs. Today, I took the high...