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  1. R

    A Year of CO2 Leaks, Please Help

    As you gathered from the title, I've been fighting CO2 leaks for about a year, the whole time I've had the Kergerator. Usually, the pressure holds just fine for a few days or a few weeks, then all at once it completely drains over night/day. I never get more than one 5 gallon keg out of a 5lbs...
  2. J

    7 Kegs at 25psi and I'm out of Co2, normal for 5lb tank or do I have a leak?

    Pretty much the title. I carbonate only water and kombucha, 5 gallons at a time with very little if any head space. Takes about 7 days at 25psi to fully carbonate. I was expecting to get 15-22 corny kegs out of a 5lb tank as per the micromatic website. Noticed lack of pressure today after...
  3. HOoT_oWL

    Sanke Keg issue: Coupler is loose and leaky when tapped. Spins easily

    I went through C02 crazy fast on this keg. I noticed when I tapped it its loose and spins pretty easily. Then I noticed its leaky and the more I messed with it the more it leaked, UNLESS I put downward pressure on it which slowed or stopped the leak. Also I think the stem(s) is spinning when...
  4. mirthfuldragon

    Keezer and pressure changes - temperature or slow leak?

    I bought a used keezer a couple of weeks ago. I cleaned everything, and swapped out a four way manifold for a brand new four body Taprite secondary regulator with check valves (mounted inside the keezer). I am trying to figure out if I have a leak. The keezer is located in my detached garage...
  5. gophergoat

    Thought it was a co2 leak--just an empty keg

    Let me first just say STOOPID! I kegged my first beer back in December to have an impressive IPA on tap for my cousins visiting from Colorado (I live in Niagara Falls, Canada). My keg setup is a used italian corny keg, someone's old regulator with the shutoff valve missing the handle and an...
  6. F

    CO2 Leak in new keezer setup?

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can assist in an issue I'm having. I'm a first time kegger, and just finished building a 2 tap keezer. The two kegs I have were purchased used, so I spent a lot of time in cleaning them properly including inspecting all posts and replacing all o-rings with new ones...