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  1. Marmike600

    Mystery Co2 issue

    I have a 7 tap keezer with a secondary regulator for each tap. Last week I randomly lost an entire 5lb co2 tank. Nothing changed with the system that was not leaking at all. Only thing that changed is that the weather went cold and now the garage is cold. I have turned off all co2 to each...
  2. Summa_Brewologica

    Duotight inline regulator leaking

    Hey folks, I am going to try and explain this the best I can. I lost a whole 20 lb tank of co2 due to a leak in my gas system. I have 4 duo tight inline regulators (white plastic). The way I problem solved this was first to hook up my backup tank and do the soapy water trick. Didn't see any...
  3. R

    A Year of CO2 Leaks, Please Help

    As you gathered from the title, I've been fighting CO2 leaks for about a year, the whole time I've had the Kergerator. Usually, the pressure holds just fine for a few days or a few weeks, then all at once it completely drains over night/day. I never get more than one 5 gallon keg out of a 5lbs...
  4. J

    7 Kegs at 25psi and I'm out of Co2, normal for 5lb tank or do I have a leak?

    Pretty much the title. I carbonate only water and kombucha, 5 gallons at a time with very little if any head space. Takes about 7 days at 25psi to fully carbonate. I was expecting to get 15-22 corny kegs out of a 5lb tank as per the micromatic website. Noticed lack of pressure today after...
  5. HOoT_oWL

    Sanke Keg issue: Coupler is loose and leaky when tapped. Spins easily

    I went through C02 crazy fast on this keg. I noticed when I tapped it its loose and spins pretty easily. Then I noticed its leaky and the more I messed with it the more it leaked, UNLESS I put downward pressure on it which slowed or stopped the leak. Also I think the stem(s) is spinning when...
  6. mirthfuldragon

    Keezer and pressure changes - temperature or slow leak?

    I bought a used keezer a couple of weeks ago. I cleaned everything, and swapped out a four way manifold for a brand new four body Taprite secondary regulator with check valves (mounted inside the keezer). I am trying to figure out if I have a leak. The keezer is located in my detached garage...
  7. gophergoat

    Thought it was a co2 leak--just an empty keg

    Let me first just say STOOPID! I kegged my first beer back in December to have an impressive IPA on tap for my cousins visiting from Colorado (I live in Niagara Falls, Canada). My keg setup is a used italian corny keg, someone's old regulator with the shutoff valve missing the handle and an...
  8. F

    CO2 Leak in new keezer setup?

    Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can assist in an issue I'm having. I'm a first time kegger, and just finished building a 2 tap keezer. The two kegs I have were purchased used, so I spent a lot of time in cleaning them properly including inspecting all posts and replacing all o-rings with new ones...