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  1. NeilD

    Connecticut Lot of brewing equipment free CT

    I have a bunch of home brewing equipment I'd like to give away. The only condition I have is that you take it all. I attached a picture, but here is a list of some of the things included. Co2 tank Corny keg lines 2 tap tower SS mash paddle bottlecaps and crimper refractometer misc. odds and...
  2. E

    For Sale SF Bay Area - Keezer loaded with extras for sale!

    I'm no longer brewing enough to keep my keezer full. This is a 7 cu ft freezer which can hold plenty of beer and CO2 equipment. All included 1. Configuration #1 = two 5-gallon kegs and one 2.5gal keg along with 10 lb CO2 tank 2. Configuration #2 (as shown in pictures) = five 2.5gal Torpedo kegs...
  3. WhoDatDad78

    For Sale North dallas brewing equipment

    Kettles, mashtun, propane burner, counterflow chiller, temp control, glass and plastic fermenters of various sizes, stir plate, pump, fold up stand, immersion chiller, taps, kegs, ph meter, kegs, taps, tap handles. Celina, TX Everything works perfectly, just need it gone, I don't brew anymore...
  4. I

    Co2 in southampton (UK)

    Hi, What is the best way for me to get co2 canisters around the Southampton area in the UK? (Whiteley specifically) It will need to be delivered straight to my house (and collected from for refills). Or could I just buy from amazon or ebay? What do you all recommend? Could I perhaps use those...
  5. Bob Mar

    Kegerator Tower Conversion kit for mini to mid-size fridges (fridge not included)

    Purchased from Kegco, Brand New - not used! Purchased as a kit for a conversion project I was going to do for a friend. I ended up drilling through one of the cooling coils of the fridge and I never got around to finishing. NO FRIDGE INCLUDED! What is included: 1x Stainless Steel extra tall...
  6. R

    New to kegging. Help please

    Hello all. I’ve been brewing for a number of years, but have always bottled simply because I have a paranoia about gas canisters.... yes, seriously. I decided to bite the Co2 tank (like Jaws) and get into kegging. I have no idea what I’m doing. I just put the beer into primary fermenter so I’ve...