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  1. J

    Georgia Peachtree City Brew Club

    Hello friends! I'm somewhat new to the PTC area, and I have a LOT of brewing equipment. A trailer full in fact. Everything needed to make a full-sized keg of all-grain. And no one to brew with. I have scoured the forums enough to know: 1) there's other brewers around here, and 2) that there is...
  2. Eichelbergerbrew

    Anyone in/around Greensboro NC interested??

    Hey everybody, I am fairly new to homebrewing and to the website, but I would love to try and find some people to brew/swap beers with and maybe start a bigger "club" kind of thing going in Greensboro. I know of the Battleground Brewers but I feel like they are much bigger group of brewers...
  3. B

    Elk Grove CA Brewing Club

    Hey everybody i live in elk grove ca, and i have started to look around for brewing clubs in the area. the only ones that i have found are in the northern sacramento area. I has wondering if anyone knows of one that is in elk grove or of anyone that is intrested in getting on started. i started...