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  1. CascadesBrewer

    BIAB makes cloudy wort...proof!

    Look at this cloudy mess!!! I am playing with a lighter malt bill for a Pale Ale (8 lbs Pale, 2 lbs Munich 15L, 0.5 lbs White Wheat). I also recently started using Whirlfloc tablets vs using Irish Moss, and wow does that clear up the wort! I am still not sure if clear wort (or Whirlfloc/Irish...
  2. V

    Bubbled The Keg

    So I took the time to cold crash for a week and then when I went to transfer from corny to corny, I didn't have the pressure low enough in the serving keg and ended up (bubbling / boiling) the fermenting one before transfering. After the transfer was complete I took a sample and it is SUPER...
  3. F

    Cloudy secondary.

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting to The Forum. I have some questions about a cider I was making. My first attempt at cider actually. I got a cider brewing kit from Midwestern Brewing Company. I then received a 6.5 gallon carboy from a friend. I picked up some freshly pressed cider...
  4. W

    Cloudy Beer in Secondary (NOT Chill Haze)

    Hi Everyone, 2 weeks ago I brewed up my first attempt at a Belgian Blond Ale. Everything went great, and after 2 weeks in the primary, primary fermentation has pretty much completed (I hit my FG on the nose), and the beer was nice and clear. I auto-siphoned to a secondary last night, and am...