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  1. C

    Beer came out wrong

    I just tapped my corny keg of lager and it came out all muddy and it tastes weird. I used the craft a brew light lager 5 gallon kit, which I’ve bottled before and it came out great. The beer looked good when I transferred it from the fermenter to the keg a week ago. I set it to 10 psi and last I...
  2. P

    White spots and film developing...

    Good evening all, I’m a little way into my first two batches of cider. Both have fermented and are now ageing. One, on the right, made with commercial yeast and sulphites, cleared relatively quickly and is now entirely transparent. It stills carries a slightly pungent, sulphurous smell...
  3. CascadesBrewer

    BIAB makes cloudy wort...proof!

    Look at this cloudy mess!!! I am playing with a lighter malt bill for a Pale Ale (8 lbs Pale, 2 lbs Munich 15L, 0.5 lbs White Wheat). I also recently started using Whirlfloc tablets vs using Irish Moss, and wow does that clear up the wort! I am still not sure if clear wort (or Whirlfloc/Irish...
  4. V

    Bubbled The Keg

    So I took the time to cold crash for a week and then when I went to transfer from corny to corny, I didn't have the pressure low enough in the serving keg and ended up (bubbling / boiling) the fermenting one before transfering. After the transfer was complete I took a sample and it is SUPER...
  5. F

    Cloudy secondary.

    Hello everyone, This is my first time posting to The Forum. I have some questions about a cider I was making. My first attempt at cider actually. I got a cider brewing kit from Midwestern Brewing Company. I then received a 6.5 gallon carboy from a friend. I picked up some freshly pressed cider...
  6. W

    Cloudy Beer in Secondary (NOT Chill Haze)

    Hi Everyone, 2 weeks ago I brewed up my first attempt at a Belgian Blond Ale. Everything went great, and after 2 weeks in the primary, primary fermentation has pretty much completed (I hit my FG on the nose), and the beer was nice and clear. I auto-siphoned to a secondary last night, and am...