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  1. kXb

    Big Mouth Bubbler closed transfer to keg??

    Has anyone ever done this? I need some serious advice on the matter! Already fermenting and will need to close transfer in the next few days.
  2. eric19312

    No more clogged poppets and disconnects during closed transfer!

    Tried this guy for first time yesterday and it worked like a champ! So here is the problem it solved. Closed transfers have been a real PITA for me. Might be specific to my system but I find I get a decent start and then bam nothing is moving. Either the ball lock poppet or disconnect will...
  3. IslandLizard

    Closed and near-closed transfer from bucket to keg

    After some experimenting the past 2 years, I've devised methods to be able to perform closed or near-closed transfers from buckets into kegs. This can be adapted to transfers into bottling buckets too. Air free (oxygen free) transfers are crucial for NEIPAs, IPAs and other hoppy beers, but...
  4. str1p3s

    Keg Purging and Closed Transfer Idea

    I've been kicking around the idea of trying to purge the keg with CO2 and do a closed transfer to try to improve my process but never landed on a good way to do it. Filling it with starsan and pushing it out with CO2 has never sounded appealing to me. I don't usually have 5+ gallons of starsan...