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  1. K

    Request for Help - Wizards Wheat - Homebrew Heaven (RIP)

    All, Ive looked online and tried to recreate one of my favorite extract kits from Homebrew Heaven which has closed. All attempts to recreate it have failed. They are good but just a little off from the original. Does anyone have a clone or an original recipe for the hefeweizen recipe from...
  2. No_Nrg

    Critique My New Belgium 2 Below Clone Recipe

    New Belgium's 2 Below was always a favorite winter brew of mine but they don't make it any more. I'm setting out to clone it using the info from their website. I'm trying to figure out if a dry hop was included and if the grain ratios are a good start. New Belgiums Website: 32IBU, Ale Yeast...
  3. Lele

    Struise Black Albert recipe ot tips

    Hi everybody, Does anybody have Struise Black Albert recipe? Or, in your experience, can anyone give me some tips to clone Black Albert? (OG, FG, IBU, malts, percentage of roasted malts, etc.). Any advises would be good...thanks :)