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  1. Near-Beer-Engineer

    I'm doing everything right (right?)...But still can't get rid of yeast off-flavors.

    I've taken all the steps. Tried all the techniques. Bought all the equipment... But I still get a slight (subtle, but noticeable), off-flavor from my yeast in pale/light beers. I've been brewing all-grain for years and have made some great beers (including some medal winners) - but the issue...
  2. I

    Can I take a hydrometer sample using a glass?

    Hi Quick question: Would I be able to take a sample for my hydrometer by dipping a glass which was cleaned by the dishwasher into the fermenting vessel? I would then pour the glass into the hydrometer vial Thanks!
  3. ChaosB

    How do you clean blow off tubing?

    Using a length of vinyl PVC 5/16th x 7/16th as blow off tubing. It got full of krausen. I tried soaking it in Star San for a week but it's still gunked up. I don't think pipe cleaners would be an effective way to clean it due to its length. Solutions?
  4. B

    Cleaning the Grainfather (Counter Flow Chiller) CFC after a long hiatus

    Hi all! I have had a grainfather for a while now but have had a brewing hiatus. I find it hard to fully drain the CFC free of water. I picked up the CFC yesteday and realized that it had not drained completely, meaning that there has been water inside it or two or three months. My normal...
  5. B

    Are my beer lines still OK to use?

    Hi everyone! I have a kegerator and I have not cleaned the beer lines for around 1.5 months. The lines have had either CO2, beer or a mixture of the two inside the entire time (no air) and have been refrigerated at 3.5C (no room temperature). I was wondering whether I can still use the lines if...
  6. Surly_goat

    PBW or Just Rinse Glass

    So I'm starting to brew twice a week and I'd like to stream line some processes. I'm doing my starters in a 2 litre Erlenmeyer. I always just throw it in my on going bucket of star San to sterilize. To clean it though If there is no visible debris or residue does it really need PBW? If I pour...
  7. M

    Properly cleaning your foam stopper

    So I got a new foam stopper for my starter flask as the old one was getting pretty ragged. Any tips on how to clean foam stoppers well? Thanks and RAHAHB