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  1. S

    High Gravity, Clawhammer, Unibrau, Brew Boss automation - Programmable Steps?

    I'm currently looking into the above eBIAB systems for 5 gallon batches. I don't have 240V access but may spring for it. I'm curious if any of these panels allow programmable mash steps. I'm looking for the most automated solution (I'm coming from a Zymatic which was set it and forget.)...
  2. A

    Clawhammer Controller Teardown Request

    I'm looking to buy a 120V Clawhammer eBIAB setup, but would like to upgrade it in the future. Most likely I'd be looking to do a custom setup with craftbeerpi after a couple years. I'm curious how recyclable the clawhammer controller's innards are: with their newer "gray box" controller, I...
  3. jimmyjamesbob

    120v eBIAB Brew Controller - Clawhammer

    Digital Brewing Controller Stainless steel 1650 ultra low watt density heating element (120v, 15 amp) High accuracy temperature probe. (PT100) $450 Shipped