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  1. Ben E Lou

    Wild Yeast Cider Racking Questions

    I am new to homebrewing and have 3 half-gallon batches going. I have one half-gallon of cyser that I started yesterday. It already has about 3/8 inch of lees on the bottom rim (there's a bit of a slope, so I'm not sure it's that thick all the way across). I have an airlock on it and it doesn't...
  2. Smitty

    Homebrew Clarity

    Hello everyone. Complete rookie to the homebrew world, just started my first ever this morning. Thought I'd try a Mexican Cerveza kit from Brewhouse. My question is about clarity after bottling. The store I purchased from sold me a product called Turbo Clear. After reading about this at home, my...
  3. snarf7

    Extra Cloudy Wort

    I brewed a Rye IPA today (about 16% of the grain bill) and the wort turned out really cloudy, lots of junk floating around in it. I did everything as I usually do, got a good hot break and a good cold break but it still came out looking almost like cream of chicken soup. :eek: I used...
  4. J

    Strawberry Blonde Ale

    Hi all, I've decided to start a discussion on brewing a Strawberry Blonde Ale. I used the Blonde Ale Kit from Midwest Breweries which came with Belgian Wit yeast. Pitched to a starter. In this recipe the only addition made was 4 pounds of pureed strawberries and 1 tbsp of corriander...