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  1. benbrewing

    Clarity before bottling for long term aging?

    Hi folks, Nice to meet people here, I am brand new here but have been experimenting with meads for about 10 years. How important do people think it is to let the carboy get totally or very clear before bottling? I have bottled recently some fairly clear to very clear ciders and I still see some...
  2. TBC_Brewster

    SS Brewtech 1BBL Jacketed Unitank Clarity Issues

    So I've upgraded my entire system from 10 gal to 1bbl. I used to cold crash in carboys that would sit in my freezer for a week and come out perfect. With my new tanks, I am unable to do it in roughly/same amount of time. I have even transferred after fermenting (yes I know the irony) just to...
  3. stefansjs

    Mead oxidation and clarification

    Hey folks, I'm making my first mead. I've done a little bit of beer brewing (about 20 batches), so I've got a little bit of understanding about some fundamentals. One thing that I'm worried about is that I might have really oxidized my mead when I was transferring it to secondary. It was still...
  4. J

    Secondary Fermenting

    OK, so I hope I don't offend anyone with my idiocy but I have a question regarding secondary fermentation. After all there's no stupid questions right!.. I know secondary fermentation is a thing that many brewers do to acheieve a better clarity to the beer. My first ever brew, I seived the...
  5. Ben E Lou

    Wild Yeast Cider Racking Questions

    I am new to homebrewing and have 3 half-gallon batches going. I have one half-gallon of cyser that I started yesterday. It already has about 3/8 inch of lees on the bottom rim (there's a bit of a slope, so I'm not sure it's that thick all the way across). I have an airlock on it and it doesn't...
  6. Smitty

    Homebrew Clarity

    Hello everyone. Complete rookie to the homebrew world, just started my first ever this morning. Thought I'd try a Mexican Cerveza kit from Brewhouse. My question is about clarity after bottling. The store I purchased from sold me a product called Turbo Clear. After reading about this at home, my...
  7. snarf7

    Extra Cloudy Wort

    I brewed a Rye IPA today (about 16% of the grain bill) and the wort turned out really cloudy, lots of junk floating around in it. I did everything as I usually do, got a good hot break and a good cold break but it still came out looking almost like cream of chicken soup. :eek: I used...
  8. J

    Strawberry Blonde Ale

    Hi all, I've decided to start a discussion on brewing a Strawberry Blonde Ale. I used the Blonde Ale Kit from Midwest Breweries which came with Belgian Wit yeast. Pitched to a starter. In this recipe the only addition made was 4 pounds of pureed strawberries and 1 tbsp of corriander...