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  1. B

    Questions about juice efficiency

    Hello HBT community, This site and its community is fantastic and has been a staple in my research when brewing and vinting, so thank you all! I looked pretty hard to find info before posting, but I haven’t had much luck. I’m seeking any intel you folks might have on the following: What is...
  2. snarf7

    Clarifying in the keg

    Those of you who use a clarifier after racking to your keg, what is your experience with the process? I've been trying it the last few runs and it hasn't been entirely consistent for me. I did a lager where you could tell the gelatin helped speed up the initial clarifying resulting in a clear...
  3. Dice_Boken

    Adding Finings After Ferm/Before Bottling?

    I've got an Amber ale that's been in the fermenting bucket for about 2 1/2 weeks and I'm thinking about bottling at the three week mark. I don't have a carboy to do a secondary but I would like to get the batch as clear as I can. Can I add some fining agents during the bottling process to help...
  4. thelusiv

    Isinglass in chilled secondary

    [This started as a reply to this thread but I decided to make a new thread. However the last post in that thread was where I found the procedure for using the isinglass I got.] The above information is quite helpful. But I have a few questions. First here's what I did already (note: all...