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  1. M

    picking between LALVIN ICV-D47 and Mangrove Jack' M02

    Hello there, I am completely a beginner at this, and I am about to make 23L of apple juice into a hard cider; I got everything, but the only available yeast around here are LALVIN ICV-D47 and Mangrove Jack's M02. I am afraid to use the M02 and end up with the yeast dead at the bottling stage...
  2. Viggoman

    Using Cider Yeast for Beer?

    Hi! First post here, so please let me know if I got something wrong with the post. I have a cider yeast, Mangrove Jack's M02, laying around. I'm not much of a cider person, so I was thinking to maybe use this for a beer. Anyone have experience with a cider yeast for making beer? From what I...
  3. podz

    Planning Your Next Cider Batch

    Frequently, questions arise in Homebrewtalk's cider making forum from people who are new to cider making and are uncertain how to formulate a batch. Many of these questions are repeated from time to time, so I thought I'd share some information here that will hopefully give those who are new to...