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  1. davielovesgravy

    How much lime to add to my cider kit please??

    Howdy all, as I have posted previously I have a couple of 23L Magnum Strawberry Cider kits to make, and i have read bad reviews that there really isn’t any strawberry flavour to them. So after primary fermentation is done I am going to add 320g of blackberries that I have in the freezer from...
  2. M

    Brewer's Best Cider kit - Sweetening Option

    Ok, so I am at the point of racking and "sweetening"...and I am a little fearful of using the packet (artificial flavoring) that came with it for fear of the bitterness some reviews have given this kit. So...if I want that pear flavor and a touch of sweetness can't I simply use pear puree and...
  3. Martynn

    Has my cider gon bad

    Hi iv new to browing and iv just finished the fermentashon of a cider kit but its clady and has a funny smell to it. Iv have tryed a little ant it tast bitter. Has it gone bad? Thank you in advans
  4. Ring Many

    How to add extra lime juice to cider kit?

    Hi everyone, First time brewing cider. I'm making: "Youngs Strawberry & Lime Cider Kit" I've been reading the reviews online and a lot of users have said that it doesn't have much of a hint of lime, it's mostly strawberry. I'm looking to add some extra lime juice to give it more of a kick...