cider flaws

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  1. Trish Mickleborough

    Cider gone funky

    Hey there! I’ve made cider before from a concentrate which turned out beautifully. I decided to make my own cider from scratch using a recipe from a local wine supply store. Followed the instructions to the letter... it said to rack it then let settle and clarify for 2-3 weeks. Popped the wine...
  2. R

    Need a little help with cider flaws

    Hi all, So I just got my score sheets back from a TON of ciders I entered at GLINTCAP this spring--I did really well overall, but there were a few common flaws. 1. First, "V/A" or " Volatile" or "solventy" --I read that this can be caused from too warm of a fermentation or from insufficient...