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  1. W

    Cider from pulp?

    I do not own a cider press. I have made wines in the past like haskap (or honey berry), blueberry and raspberry wines. I always ferment on the skins and strain when I bottle. I often can’t be bothered to clarify or rack wines. I wanted to try making cider and when I went to make it I applied the...
  2. K

    Cider Hasn't Begun Fermentation

    Hello, First post! I started my first apple cider about 48 hours ago now. I used apple juice that did not have any sorbates in it or anything like that. It did have ascorbic acid, but from what I've read that wouldn't hinder production. I read that within 24-36 hours you should be able to see...
  3. C

    SOS from the wonderful Mexican mountains. Back sweetened, keggin and big cuestions

    Goodnight. Being 10:40 p.m., on a cold night in the deep mountains of Mexico, a group of enthusiasts are very interested in rescuing a method of making Mexican artisanal cider that came from France in the 19th century according to our sources and this is where I enter, in this great problem...
  4. B

    How to oxygenate 5 gallon batch?

    I recently got a 5 gallon carboy and I love it, but I'm wondering if there is a better way to oxygenate it. For the last batch I filled it half way and shook it then filled it the rest of the way. It seemed to work ok, but I have to imagine only shaking half of it and then waiting 24 hours for...
  5. A

    Pasteurizing while bottle conditioning

    I am brewing cider and have traditionally left them still because it's easier than carbonating. But I've decided to try carbonating in the bottle. I've read a lot about people using the hot water method to kill of yeast and stop carbonation with some sweetness left. (I back-sweeten with apple...
  6. B

    Temperature During Primary Fermentation

    Hello all, I recently got about 6 gallons of cider and pitched Red Star Premier Cuvée. Primary fermentation has begun—I had to raise the temperature considerable to about 61 degrees F, though. Looked through the New Cider Maker’s Handbook by Mr. Jolicouer, and didn’t see anything specific as...
  7. duderinodemcie

    Yeast washing trouble. Maltose/ cider yeast experiment.

    Hello! I am fairly new to homebrewing and recently started washing my yeast. Here comes the problem, I forgot to label them and seem to have forgot which is which. I should have the ardennes yeast from wyeast(i believe) and I also have a cider yeast from the same company. Now, worse comes to...
  8. I

    [Q] Is this pulp or something else in my brewing cider?

    TLDR: is this normal in a brewing cider? I think it might be pulp. I did not filter a lot my crabapple puree. It seems to rise from the bottom, due to the bubbles, and slowly fall again. Hello all! First post here in the forum. Some days ago I started to make my first cider as a quarantine...
  9. Vintage NY

    Months in Primary - a is it wasted?

    Hey all.... it’s been quite a while and due to my basement becoming a hoarders dream, I haven’t been brewing for almost a year. My basement is my fermentation and conditioning area.... and it sux I’ve been so lazy to clean it out. Anyway, before my laziness, I brewed a gallon of cranberry apple...
  10. chunkychicken

    Fermenting cider under pressure, it's a win for me

    So, I recently bought a Fermentasaurus Snub Nose to start brewing cider and beer with. Having done barrel brews, carboy brews and shake brews (shake that bottle for me, shake that bottle for me, come on now!), changing to pressure was something different. I'm not going to pretend I know anything...
  11. IronLiver

    Am I Reading my Hydrometer Wrong or have I Messed up my Cider?

    I've made a cider that should be between 8 and 14%, however after 2nd fermentation the hydrometer reads 1.000 - I'm a bit of a novice, am I right in thinking that this has NO alcohol then as it is the same reading as water?! What the hell have I done? The recipe is supposed to be a natural...
  12. Mr_moo91x

    Need advice please (turbo cider)

    Hey guys, so i started my cider last Wednesday 4 liters of pure apple juice and added a strong cup of tea for tannin and some cider yeast. Day 2 it was bubbling a fair amount same with day 3 now nearly a week on there is no bubbling instead little bits of what I think is yeast dropping to the...
  13. H

    No ABV% in my cider.

    Hello there, I'm very much a newbie when it comes to brewing, this has been the first time I've tried it after being gifted a home-brew kit from my parents, I already expected that my first attempt wouldn't be completely perfect I've followed the instructions given by the kit and waited the...
  14. E

    New to brewing cider

    So, I'm just getting into brewing cider. I bought a kit with a 1 gal. Carboy. Bottled my first batch, and just started my second batch today. First batch im happy with, it's a little dry and very tart but I like that. I actually messed up a bit trying to siphon it out of my carboy so I'm just...
  15. R

    To prime, or not to prime?

    So this may be a dumb, and asked before question, but I am new to all this so please bear with me. I am making an apple cider from freshly squeezed apples, it has been in my primary for 12 days, I back sweetened with some fresh apple juice, and left if for 2more days, it's at a point now where...
  16. D

    Duplicating “Serious Scrump”

    Hello all! New to the forum, new to the home brew game. I have a baseline understanding of this basics of fermentation, but that’s about it. I have brewed a few beers and had success. I decided I wanted to try and duplicate a cider, which I know know will be far more difficult than my...
  17. jeremybwilson

    Looking for the best all around cider brewing book for the old man

    As much as I want to rely on Amazon ratings, I'd rather get some feedback here and head for the local HBS. I live in Seattle, I don't need any more Amazon in my life as it is. ;)