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  1. ConSolo

    Backsweetening with store-bought juice blend...?

    Hey guys, super new to home brewing (Santa got me a cidermaking kit where you use store bought juice.) I’m 3rd batch in, first 2 were super dry (as expected.) I’ve read a decent amount about backsweetening and it kickstarting secondary fermentation, how to stop it, fear of ‘sploding bottles...
  2. Rei

    Cider/mead hybrid questions?

    So I started a mead batch about a month ago where I replaced one gallon of spring water with a gallon of unfiltered honeycrisp apple cider and I chopped up a few apples and grapes and threw them in there whole too! The bubbling has slowed and I think it’ll be ready to jar (I’ve always used...
  3. J

    Is my yeast still alive after 5 months in carboy ?

    Hi everyone, did a 5 gallon batch 5abv, its been 4 months in secondary. I used Belle Saison dry yeast and was wondering if the yeast was still strong enough for the bottle carbonation. Do i need to add new ? Thanks a lot Julien