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  1. E

    Soaking Oak Chips in Bourbon for Secondary

    I recently brewed an 8% Christmas Ale with some added spices and about 2 weeks into fermentation its tasting great. I've been pondering the idea of taking half of the 5 gallon batch and adding oak chips soaked in maple bourbon from a local distillery. I think that the oak chips soaked in bourbon...
  2. BlackbirdBrewery

    Critique for Recipe

    Looking at designing a strong sweet stout for Christmas. I'm trying for a honey apple pie flavor. This is only my 3rd brew (extract), so I'll take any and all criticism. Link: Nick's Apple Pie - Extract Sweet Stout Homebrew Beer Recipe - Brewer's Friend Fermentable: 6.6 lb - Light LME 2.21 lb...
  3. B

    Holiday Spiced Ale

    Happy Holidays home brewers! In the "spirits" of the holiday and horrible puns, I'd like to talk about specialty malts that may bring a little cheer to your beer. I recently brewed up a holiday beer myself, using a couple of specialty malts that you may want to try in your attempts to bring...