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  1. land3r

    Mmmmm.... Swimming Pool

    1st batch ever sucked. Here are my final notes. Figured I'd start a new post since there may be more helpful advice for chlorinated water. Sure wish I would have known to check for chlorine treatment in water before starting, but I guess learning the hard way is better than not at all. I do...
  2. C

    Aftertaste issue

    i have just brewed my 17th batch on my Grainfather, with generally excellent results . A good mix of ales and porters, but with less success with lighter beers, (lighter coloured not low alcohol). 2 batches, number 7 and number 17, both variants of a pale ale brewed several months apart have a...

    Recovering from a Chlorine mistake - help please

    I pulled a bonehead move 2+ weeks ago. I brewed 15 gallons of kettle soured berliner with untreated tap water. Now there is a chlorine flavor that I'm trying to mask. Factors that lead to this screw up: Chlorine will typically boil off, but because it was a berliner, I didn't reach a full...
  4. xSpeaker

    Bottled vs. Tap Water

    I just put my 4th brew into primary (amped up Hoegaarden clone ~6%abv), when I realized that it might be time to reevaluate using bottled vs. tap water. I live in Berkeley CA where the water is, frankly, delicious. Beats the hell out of southern california water. I don't think it is hard...