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  1. K

    Hard Seltzer smells like shrimp

    I'm fairly new at home brewing, and just made my first attempt at Hard Seltzer (raspberry). Tried it for the first time, tasted good, looked clear, smells like seafood (or something similar). My only thought was I used one of those two-stage packets for clarifying, and believe at least one...
  2. ericfromcowtown

    No Lees Forming in Choke Cherry Wine

    I have a batch of chokecherry wine on the go, and I'm following the recipe on the thread below: After 2 months, or nearly 2 months, I still couldn't see any lees settling at the base of the carboy. The recipe indicates...
  3. P

    Clearing Wine w/ Chitosan?

    Hi, all! So, after waiting a month for my Gewurztraminer to clear, I decided to keel to impatience and add some chitosan to it to see if it would clear without adding the other component that it reacts with, bcuz I only had chitosan on hand. It's now been 3 days and it's cloudier than ever. What...