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  1. Psyberd

    Brewing in China

    Any expat Brewing and/or distilling community in China?
  2. Pièce_de_Résistance

    University of Washington: Research on Hop Exports to Chinese Home/Micro Brewers

    Home and Micro Brewers of China: I am an avid home brewer and member of a graduate student team doing a research project on hop exports specifically to the Chinese home/micro brew market. We are looking for opportunities to help this segment of brewers across China. Would you be so kind as to...
  3. FatDragon

    Homebrewers in China

    Just tossing this topic out here in case anyone happens by. I'm a relatively long-term American expat in China with a few years of homebrewing here under my belt. There are a couple homebrew clubs with decent foreign membership in some of the bigger cities, but otherwise there's still a lot of...