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  1. G

    Doubt, self made brew stand

    Hi guys.. so im just posting a pic of my next to be working brew stand. As I show in the picture, im planning to place the cooling coil in the hot liquor tank while everything is being boiled so it sanitizes, and then when the boiling process is done, i´ll start circulating tap water trough...
  2. danapellerin

    Counterflow Chilling

    For those of you with counterflow chillers. Do you send your wort through the chiller and then back to the kettle? Or do you send your wort through the chiller and then directly to the fermenter? The reason I ask is; The first time I used this counterflow chiller, it just took way too long...
  3. S

    Chilling system for a Unitank

    I am contemplating purchasing a SS Unitank (either the 14 gallon or half bbl). My brewing system is limited most by the fermentation vessels I use right now, as I still use carboys (uggh). Does anyone have experience with the smaller SS unitanks? I am particularly interested in hearing about...