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  1. L

    Serviceable plate chiller?

    Just curious, why isn't there a commercially available plate chiller that can be disassembled and cleaned, similar to what professional breweries use? I assume the obvious answer is cost, but is there another reason I'm missing?
  2. HockeyBoy29

    Using the HLT HERMS to chill the wort

    I find very few examples of people using their HERMS coil as a chiller, except when it is detached and being used as an immersion chiller. Here's what I plan to do in my single tier, three vessel Electric HERMS build: Recirculate the mash between the MLT and the HERMS-equipped HLT like normal...
  3. Penghu Brews

    Dissolving DME in cold water to scale up recipe

    Hello everyone. New brewer here (well, on my fifth batch of the summer and totally addicted!) This forum has been a huge help to me and so here I am with my first post. Please be gentle! I've so far been doing 1 gallon batches from extract (light DME) and experimenting with different recipes...
  4. Jamesfromdogriver

    Question about Chillers

    I been watching beer making and I was looking at when they cool down the wort before pitching and I seen these copper tubing chillers and wondered had anyone thought about freezing some one gallon jugs all sanitized and then to cool down the wort drop a frozen gallon milk jug instead of that...