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  1. graceann

    Best Reach In Refrigerator/Freezer for beer

    Hi Guys, Although it is off-topic, I would appreciate your consideration After five years of being smart, I am returning to the restaurant business. For both a refrigerator and a freezer, I'm looking at a budget of $3-4,000. I'm confused about all the new brands. Are Korean made brands junk...
  2. The Brewed Palate

    For Sale Four tap keezer 4 sale

    500 OBO - pick up online in Elizabeth, NJ Built in 2015 Holds 4 corny kegs, but in its current set up can only have 3 on CO2 at a time. May need collar insulation and possibly a new interior co2 regulator in order to run more efficiently. Interior and exterior regulator included Tap...
  3. C

    Finding a Chest Freezer

    My gf has very kindly offered to cover the cost of building a keezer as a birthday present! Very exciting and a great late-quarantine activity. As we started looking into chest freezers, though, we had a really tough time finding any that were actually in stock. We’re looking for a black freezer...
  4. Sacred Knot Brewing

    Set up suggestions

    Hey all - I’ve been doing one gallon batches in a small jug to start brewing. I currently keg into a cannonball keg which fits in my fridge and utilizes a picnic tap and disposable co2 cartridge. By a stroke of luck some friends are giving me a bunch of free stuff: a chest freezer, larger...
  5. L

    Chest Freezer Conversion - Los Angeles Area

    I'm selling my chest freezer kegerator (keezer). I had a great time putting it together, but I need to make room for a desk and it's time to downsize. It's a ~10 cu ft chest freezer with a wood collar, four Perlick faucets, Ranco controller, and simple 4 line gas manifold. I'm throwing in the...
  6. MaxStout

    Minnesota - WTB chest freezer

    I'm looking for a good chest freezer, around 7 cu ft. to use as a fermentation chamber. I'm currently using a 5 cu ft freezer as a ferm chamber, but that only has room for one fermenter. I'd like to get something a little bigger to hold two Brewbuckets, so it needs to have a minimum inside...
  7. Washington_Brewologist

    Finally got a chest freezer need advice on most effective way to set up temp control

    Hey guys! So I finally found a chest freezer that was big enough for my two fermenters and also has room in case I decide to brew bigger batches. I used my Ink-Bird temp controller on my kegerator for the last batch of beer I brewed so I have a decent idea of how it works. For the kegerator, I...
  8. BroccoliMangoAle

    Chest Freezer Fermentation Chamber High/Low Temps

    Okay this is the first time I couldn't google a homebrewing question. I got a chest freezer and a hot/cold power controller with a no-light heat lamp for heat and I'm trying to run some tests to see how it does keeping a fermenter full of liquid at 67 degrees. It seems to work pretty well...
  9. A

    California Full home brew setup, all grain.

    Long time lurker, sad to say this is my first post. Selling all of my equipment, moving into a smaller place and will have no more room to homebrew. 3 glass big mouth bubblers with harnesses, one 6.5 gallon the other two are 5 gallon. Bottle drying tree with tons of bottles. Bruery bottles...
  10. M

    10.6 cu ft chest freezer and Ranco Temp Controller

    GE 10.6 cubic foot energy star chest freezer perfect for fermentation chamber. In excellent condition as it has only been in use 14 months as a fermentation chamber for home brew. You can fit two 5-8 gallon and one 3 gallon fermenter or three 3 gallon and one 5-8 gallon fermenter at one time. I...
  11. jakecpunut

    North Carolina 3 Tap Kegerator - Keezer (converted chest freezer)

    I built this a few years back and need to downsize. 3 tap holes in the collar. 3 body regular so you can serve and force carb or have ability for different psi for different style beers. All lines setup for Sanke kegs but can easily be adapted to ball or pin lock kegs. Perlick 525 SS...
  12. D

    Colorado All Grain Brewing Setup - Everything Must Go!

    I've been brewing less and less these days and now with an 8 month-old I have even less time. I am selling my complete setup for $650, but I am also willing to piece it out if necessary too. Brewing Setup I am...