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  1. Tadeusz Leliwa

    Cherry and plum together?

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with making a mixed cherry and plum wine? Good idea / bad idea? Tips? I am wondering if I should try making it, or whether just to make a pure plum wine. Thanks!
  2. B

    Cherry Melomel

    Hi all, I've been working on my first brew in a while, a cherry melomel. I have some slight experience brewing beer. After doing all my research, I modified a recipe to what I figured would be my liking. 10 lbs honey (7.5 clover and 2.5 blackberry) Approx 3.5 gal water 6 lbs tart cherries...
  3. S

    Fruit: How and When to Add?

    About to embark on my first batch of mead making, and I’d like to make a cherry mead, but am finding myself wracked with indecision as to the variety of methods of introducing the fruit, when, and how. I know I could add cherries to the primary fermentation or secondarily, and that the flavors...
  4. B3nj@m!n

    First Batch of Mead (Cherry Question)

    Hello! I'm Ben and about to make my first batch of Mead. I'm following Schramm's recipe from his book "The Compleat Meadmaker" and doing the Oblascinka Cherry Riesling Pyment. I know I can't get those cherries but my wallet is trying to find a way to get tart cherries at an affordable price...
  5. WildernessBrewing

    Montmorency Cherry Cider

    Just finished fermenting two 5 gallon batches of cider (store bought AJ only), one with S-04 and the other with Nottingham. I picked up a bottle of Tart Montmorency Cherry Juice Concentrate and I'm trying to decide on how much to add. I saw a post on here a few years back where someone cloned B...
  6. Stephen Moody

    Looking for advice

    I'm currently working on a 1 gallon cherry Mead, although I'm doubting myself on the ingredients I have used. Instead of water and cherries, I used a gallon of tart cherry juice. Any thoughts on what this could do to the final product?
  7. OldRalHoleBrewing

    Wanted: Sour beer lovers to taste a sour mash beer

    I want some true sour beer lovers to taste my Sour Cherry Crick. So if you'd like to taste this Sour Mash, Oak-fermented Cherry wheat ale, (imitation Kriek), I'm open to trades for other homebrews or craft brews. Anyone interested either contact me on here or email at [email protected]...
  8. OldRalHoleBrewing

    Sour Mash Crick

    If you want to follow this adventure on my blog, click here. So I'm undertaking my a big endeavor here; a trifecta of firsts. I'm doing a sour mash, oak fermented, cherry wheat beer. We're calling it "Crick" because it'll be like imitation Lambic, with sour mash replacing the lacto culture...