cherry melomel

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  1. M

    First no-water melomel. Any tips?

    Hi all, I want to make a no-water melomel. Aiming for that thick, black and juicy body (Sorry for that :D). I really like blueberrys so maybe that's the biggest berry ratio in it and then maybe cherrys or other berry. I did taste a cherry-blueberry melomel while ago and it was phenomenal. Some...
  2. Z

    Cherry mead concerns (newbie here!)

    Hi everyone! Pretty new to brewing as a whole, but opted to start a cider and a mead! They both seem fairly forgiving to newbies like myself or so I've read. Found this absolute gem of a site and instantly getting hooked on knowledge. I just started a 1 gallon batch regular apple juice based...
  3. Kevin Gallagher

    new cherry melomel

    I am making a 12-gallon cherry melomel. I am using: 30 lbs of honey 8lb organic frozen dark cherries 16oz organic tart cherry juice concentrate. I use a conical fermenter usually add the fruit to the primary fermentation.(no secondary). I was thinking of adding half of the juice concentrate...