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  1. Aróchito

    Brewing Cider in Plastic Sparklets 5Gal

    Hey folks, I am about to start brewing a new batch of cider and have aquired 6, 5 gallon plastic sparklets water jugs with the number 7 on the bottom. They have only carried water in them, were never reused, and kept out of the sun. Does anyone have any experience or know anything scientific...
  2. TheLionKing

    Building a Water Chemistry Starter Kit

    My friend's birthday is coming up, and I thought that it would be great to build him a Water Chemistry 'Starter Kit' with the essentials (besides the Water book). What would your starter kit look like? Thanks all!!!
  3. M

    Water Quality Report has ranges

    I'm new to water chemistry and just got my water report from the local company. The report they gave me has ranges. I know I should go through ward labs to get an official report for my water, do y'all think I should use the high or low range, or just split the difference in the meantime? Here...
  4. H

    Harsh, lingering bitterness problem that goes away with conditioning

    In all of my batches I have the same problem whether it is an IPA or a light beer with low IBUs: a harsh, lingering bitterness that tastes earthy or even almost ashtray like. This taste is present throughout primary and secondary fermentation, at bottling, and is still just as bad after 2 weeks...
  5. piojo

    Why do brewing iodophors have a different composition than medical iodophors?

    Medical iodophors like Betadine (and teat dip for cows) are made up of iodine complexed with povidone (often written PVP). That formulation is extremely popular. But: BTF iodophor is complexed with butoxy polypropoxy polyethoxy ethanol. IO-Star is complexed with butoxy polypropoxy polyethoxy...
  6. abdominousabel

    MASH PH Question

    So i've been researching water chemistry stuff and i have a rough gist of it BUT my question is how do i lower the pH mash to 5.2 I see everywhere 5.2 is ideal, my second question is do i make my strike water 5.2 or do i make my pre boil 5.2? I'm confused! I attached water calls that i did on...
  7. frankvw

    Why does water harness lower the mash pH?

    In his latest edition of How to Brew, John Palmer writes (on page 338): "Water hardness helps lower mash pH, and water alkalinity raises mash pH." While I understand alkalinity and the way it makes water resist pH changes when mixed with acid (or malt), I am not sure how water hardness helps...
  8. C

    Trust me I'm a chemist.

    Guys and Gals, My name is Cory, I am a TTB certified chemist in Michigan and wanted to jump in here to let people know that I'm available as a resource for all your testing needs, if so required. I can test anything from ABV on beer, wine, or distilled spirits, to Hops (alpha, beta...
  9. W

    Chemistry Off In Winexpert Kit?

    Hey forum, I'm making wine from a kit: Selection Premium Vieux Chateau Du Roi (Chateauneuf du Pape) I'm going to follow the instructions, except for the sorbate. I've added the water & bentonite per the instructions, mixed (did not start fermentation), and took some chemistry readings (using...
  10. M

    Calculating total gas produced in fermentation

    Hi, I'm trying to answer 2 questions: - how much gas will be produced during fermentation - what would the pressure be in a 5g corny if used as primary fermenter will NO VENTING I tried to calculate this, but the number is absurdly low. What did I do wrong? CALCULATION: -- Assume...